The Next Cybersecurity Generation: LayerX Security Co-Founder, Or Eshed, Offers a Disruptive Vision for the Future

Source: USA Today

The “Browser Wars” between Netscape and Internet Explorer in the 1990s marked the start of a whirlwind across homes and workplaces. The browser would soon provide ubiquitous access to the internet, making technology and information accessible to all. The introduction of Mozilla Firefox in 2004 and Google Chrome in 2008 further encouraged adoption, allowing for faster and easier use of browsers. ...


LayerX Security Raises $26M for its Browser Security Platform, Enabling Employees to Work Securely from Any Browser, Anywhere

Source: VentureBeat

Early adoption by Fortune 100 companies worldwide, LayerX already secures more users than any other browser security solution and enables unmatched security, performance and experience

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Asgent Partners with LayerX to Transform Browser Security Landscape in Japan

Source: Business Wire

Asgent, a leading provider of advanced network security solutions, announces its strategic partnership with LayerX, the leading Enterprise Browser Extension

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6 Best Enterprise Browser Solutions In 2024 [TOP SELECTIVE]

Source: Software Testing Help

Want to protect your company from a wide variety of attacks? Read this review to select among the list of the Best Enterprise Browser Solutions

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LayerX Enterprise Browser Security Extension – Secure the Modern Workspace

Source: BleepingComputer

The browser has become the main work interface in modern enterprises. It’s where employees create and interact with data, and how they access organizational and external SaaS and web apps.

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New Research: 6% of Employees Paste Sensitive Data into GenAI tools as ChatGPT

Source: The Hacker News

A new research by Browser Security company LayerX sheds light on the scope and nature of GenAI risks. The report provides crucial insights for data protection stakeholders and empowers them to take proactive measures.

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Browser Security Survey: 87% of SaaS Adopters Exposed to Browser-borne Attacks

Source: The Hacker News

LayerX, Browser Security platform provider, has polled more than 150 CISOs across multiple verticals and geolocations. They asked them about their security practices for SaaS access, BYOD, phishing, browser data loss and browser security.

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