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At LayerX we continuously seek for partners to increase the breadth and depth of our browser security vision. Our ecosystem of technology vendors, solution partners and resellers, and service providers, is our path to growth and scale.


Technology Partners

Our technology partnerships are built to natively integrate the browser security within the key components of the identity and security stacks. Prominent examples of these are:

  • Cloud identity providers that integrate LayerX extension as an additional authentication factor for their managed user accounts.
  • Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) that seek to extend their core offering to include browser protection capabilities.
  • SASE, SSE, and Secure Web Gateways that utilize LayerX’s Deep Session Analysis capabilities to enhance their protection against malicious web pages and phishing attacks.

Solution Providers and Resellers

Partnering with LayerX enables you to enhance the product portfolio you offer customers, so it can address key pain points their current solutions cannot address such as:

  • Phishing attacks and other types of adversary-controlled web pages.
  • Installation of malicious browser extensions that enable attackers to exfiltrate passwords and cookies stored in the browser.
  • Account takeover and data theft from SaaS application, as well as protection against unintentional data loss.

Service Providers 

LayerX enables you to optimize the services you provide to your existing install base of both hybrid and cloud first environments:

  • Customers with both on-prem and cloud resources enhance your services by addressing all browser-related risks in a single platform, rapid to deploy and easy to manage.
  • Customers with Cloud–first approach build a cost-effective services pack, tailored to SaaS-first  with the LayerX platform as a key pillar in the security architecture, that covers account takeover, data loss and credential theft attacks.

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