The Cat and Mouse of Browser Security – the Hacker’s Point of View on the Browser

Episode Overview

The browser is one of the easiest access points for cyber criminals. Exploiting browser vulnerabilities for account takeover and damaging environments does not require sophisticated technological capabilities. In fact, sometimes simple social engineering is enough. Yet, most users and organizations don’t take browser security into consideration. Organizations set up security controls for much more sophisticated and complex types of attacks, while leaving browsers unprotected.

Our guest, Brett Johnson, aka “The Original Internet Godfather”, is a former US ‘Most Wanted Cybercriminal’ who now helps organizations protect themselves from attackers. Join us to hear from him about the cyber criminals’ point of view when attacking the organizational browser, how CISOs should protect organizations from the risks of human error, upcoming trends for online crime (including how the war in Ukraine is changing the cybercriminal landscape), which types of cyber crime are profitable, and a lot more.

If your company uses browsers (i.e, all of you) – this episode is a must listen.


Brett Johnson

Former US Most Wanted turned Good Guy. Chief Criminal Officer at-large

Former United States Most Wanted, Brett Johnson, referred to by the United States Secret Service as "The Original Internet Godfather" has been a central figure in the cybercrime world for over 20 years. He built and was leader of ShadowCrew, the precursor to today's darknet markets. He was instrumental in developing many areas of online fraud while helping design, implement, and refine modern Identity Theft, Account Take Over Fraud, Card Not Present Fraud, IRS Tax Fraud, and countless other attacks. Upon his capture, the United States Secret Service hired Johnson to work as a consultant and informant. Johnson worked with the Secret Service for several months before going on a cross country crime spree, being placed on the US Most Wanted List, being captured again, sent to prison, escaping prison, being captured yet again, and finally accepting responsibility for his actions. Today, Johnson works as a security consultant and public speaker. He is one of the world's foremost authorities on cybercrime and identity theft.

Meet the host

Or Eshed

Co-Founder & CEO, LayerX Security

Or Eshed is the Co-Founder & CEO of Browser Security platform LayerX, with over a decade of experience in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and information warfare.

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