Chat GPT Data Leakage Prevention

Protect your sensitive data from exposure in ChatGPT and other Generative AI tools without disrupting your users’ browser experience 

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LayerX Use Case

Map and define the data you want to protect

Map and define the data you want to protect

Determine the data you’re most concerned with: source code, business plans, intellectual property, etc., and subject it to a dedicated ChatGPT policy.

Apply your data control of choice

Apply your data control of choice

Choose between various controls: pop-up warnings or blocking altogether. Can be activated when entering ChatGPT or when attempting to paste\type into its interface.

Enable secure  productivity

Enable secure productivity

Empower your workforce to leverage ChatGPT’s immense productivity potential while eliminating their ability to unintentionally expose sensitive data.

The LayerX difference: Full utilization of ChatGPT potential without compromising sensitive data’s security posture

LayerX employs the widest range of sensitive data detection and controls to enable your workforce to use ChatGPT freely without concerning themselves with unintentional data exposure. Benefit from a wide range of security measures that protect data files or the data pasted or typed into ChatGPT.

Control #1: Disable ChatGPT and other GenAI browser extensions

  • Apply this control for users who you don’t want to access ChatGPT or any other similar extensions at all. This can span your entire workforce or only users that routinely interact with sensitive data.
  • Choose between prompting a warning when attempting to access the ChatGPT browser extension or disabling the extension altogether.

Control #2: Actions within ChatGPT

  • Apply this control for users that you want to be able to use ChatGPT for work-related purposes in a secure manner.
  • Users that are subject to this policy will be able to access ChatGPT but are barred from pasting any data into it.

Control #3: Protected data paste into ChatGPT

  • This control suits employees who are ChatGPT power users. As such, they need the ability to paste data into it. 
  • To enable secure usage, this policy enables ‘paste’ and ‘type’ actions only for defined  data types.
  • In that manner, full use of ChatGPT is available without putting your sensitive data at risk.


LayerX Security Solution Brief

The LayerX Browser Security Platform is a user-first browser security solution, which turns any browser into the most secure and manageable workspace, while maintaining top user experience.

This is possible thanks to the LayerX ability to:

  • Identify both websites’ and users’ actions at the highest granularity
  • Single out only the activities that introduce risks
  • Mitigate those risks

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